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5 signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size

You might think you’re wearing the right bra size but you're probably not

Becky Ashton30 August 2018

You might think you’re wearing the right bra size, it might be the same one you’ve been wearing for years but the reality is our size and shape can fluctuate quite substantially over the course of a month let alone a year! In fact, 80% of women are wearing the wrong size right now.

Of those women surveyed, 70% were wearing bras that were too small, while 10% wore bras that were too big.

So how can you be sure you’re wearing the right size?

The simple answer is to get measured regularly but the reality is it’s not for everyone so we’ve got some simple tips to find out If what you’re wearing is really right for you.

Your straps are too tight

If your straps are digging in and leaving unsightly sore welts then it means the band is not doing its job right and sharing the load. Instead, the straps are carrying the full weight of your breasts and they can’t take the pressure – if loosening the straps doesn’t work then the solution is to try a smaller band size.

The band rides up

If as mentioned, your straps are too tight it’s likely that the bra band is riding up and not sitting in the right place – it should sit level with the bra cups at the front. 

As the band provides 80% of the bra’s support this can be a huge problem. 

The bra should sit comfortably with just enough space to fit two fingers between the band and your back and thing bigger or smaller than it is the wrong size.

So many people (me included before I knew better) think that when you buy a new bra it should be comfortably fastened using the furthest hook and eyes, but the reality is it should be comfortable on the biggest setting, so that when it inevitably stretches you can make it tighter – otherwise it will not provide the support needed or have a very long shelf life.

The straps keep slipping down

There’s nothing worse than seeing a bra strap peeking out of your sleeves or having to constantly adjust them.  But it’s not just that it doesn’t look good. If your straps aren’t sitting level on your shoulders then you’re not getting the support you need. 

Just as with your band your straps should only be able to fit two fingers between them and your flesh. A simple solution can just be to tighten them until they feel right but if this still doesn’t solve the problem then you should try a smaller cup size.


We all like a bit of cleavage, but not when it comes from a bra that’s too small. Instead, that just makes you look like you have four boobs, which is far from an attractive look.

If you’re spilling out it could be as simple as not getting everything in the cup properly when you put the bra on. So make sure you lean over as you fasten to get everything safely secured. 

If this still doesn’t do the trick then you need to go up a cup size so that everything fits and stays where it should.

Unwanted bulging

It’s a horrible term but you all know what I mean. No one wants to see a VBL and unsightly bulging around your bra band. The reality is that there often isn’t any fat there but an ill-fitting bra will just create the bulges.

In most cases, though there’s a simple solution - go up a brand size. It might also be that the bra isn’t quite sitting where it should. It should sit firmly and horizontally across your back – too high and your bra is too small and too low and it’s too big. 

If you’re wearing the right size but still experiencing the bulge then the key could be the style of bra you wear. A long line bra or a shapewear slip will give smoother lines.

Click here to find out how to measure yourself properly. 


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